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    Professor Andrew Harding to Receive Honorary Doctor of Laws from Thammasat University

    Professor Dr. Andrew James Harding is a world-leading legal academic specialising in Asian law and comparative constitutional law. Professor Harding has played a vital role in encouraging research and academic activities concerning Asian law, and has also been instrumental in establishing a network for cooperation between academics with an interest in Asian law. He is a role model both as an academic and as a teacher of law, who has always conducted himself with the highest levels of professional integrity. He has inspired many academics from all around the world to take an interest in Asian law and he has elevated the standard of legal education on Asian legal and constitutional systems to rival that in the West.

    After graduating from Oxford University in the United Kingdom in 1974, Professor Harding began his academic career in 1978 specialising in Asian law as a full time lecturer at the Law Faculty of the National University of Singapore, where he also completed his LL.M. Indeed, he was the first LL.M graduate in the history of that university. Later, in 1987, Professor Harding accepted a position as a Lecturer in Law at the School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London. He was granted a professorship in 1996, and was also appointed as Head of the Law School at SOAS in that year. During his time as a teacher and as a part of the executive at the University of London, Professor Harding conducted and encouraged extensive research into Asian law, focusing on South East Asia. His contributions to this field of knowledge won international acclaim and he became recognised as a pre-eminent specialist in Asian law and comparative constitutional law.

    After resigning from the University of London in 2004, Professor Harding accepted the position of Professor of Asia-Pacific Legal Relations at the Faculty of Law, University of Victoria, Canada, where he was subsequently Director of the Centre for Asia-Pacific Initiatives. In 2012, he moved back to the Faculty of Law of the National University of Singapore as a full professor, a post he holds to this day. From 2012 to 2016, Professor Harding was also simultaneously the Director of the Asian Law Institute and the Director of the Centre for Asian Legal Studies of the National University of Singapore, and Joint Chief-Editor of the Asian Journal of Comparative Law. With these directorships, Professor Harding established and strengthened an international network of law faculties and legal institutions, both within and outside Asia, interested in the study of Asian law. The Centre conducts legal research into Asian law so as to become increasingly systematic and of a high standard comparable to that of legal research in the West; the Institute holds regular academic events concerning Asian law, and encourages the exchange and comparison of the body of knowledge regarding various legal systems in Asia.

    Aside from these incredible achievements, Professor Harding is the co-founder and the current president of the Association for Asian Constitutional Studies, established at the biennial Asian Law Forum at the Faculty of Law, Thammasat University in 2017. The Association represents a network of academics who are interested in constitutional law in Asia, and enables members to exchange knowledge and academic opinions about the development of constitutional law in various Asian countries. Moreover, Professor Harding has been a guest lecturer at many world-renowned institutions, such as Harvard Law School. Here, at Thammasat University, he teaches Constitutional Law, Public Law and Fundamental Rights on our International LL.B. Program, and has also held many special lectures and training seminars including on law teaching and career development for new law lecturers at the Faculty of Law. He is also an advisor on the management and development of the programmes offered at the Faculty of Law, Thammasat University, especially the International LL.B. Program.

    In terms of his contribution to academia, Professor Harding has authored more than 140 pieces of academic work which have been widely recognised and cited, including over 10 on the Thai legal system. In 2011, he co-authored The Constitutional System of Thailand: A Contextual Analysis, which is the first textbook on Thailand’s constitutional law in the English language. Beyond their international acclaim, his works are a major source of information and inspiration for other academics to develop the field further, which has caused legal knowledge in the area to flourish.

    Professor Harding leads a simple lifestyle and is full of compassion for his students and others. He conducts himself with honesty and academic integrity. He is not only a law teacher and professor, but also a learner who tirelessly seeks further knowledge. These characteristics explain why he is so highly respected by his students, colleagues, and other legal academics. He is a role model for all those following a career path in law, particularly law teachers and academics.

    In recognition of his honourable achievements, his work and his distinguished career, the Thammasat University Council has passed a resolution, at Meeting Number 7/2561 on 23 July 2018, to award Professor Harding Honorary Doctor of Laws for the academic year 2018. This degree award recognises Professor Harding’s great contributions and achievements, and honours them publicly for ever.

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    ?????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????? ?????????????? ??.?????? ????? ????????? ???????????????????????? ??????????????????? 7/2561 ??????????? 23 ??????? 2561??????????? ??????????? ??.?????? ????? ????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????? 2560 ???????????????????????? ??????????????????????????? ????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????????? Jessie Bates III Jersey