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อาจารย์ ดร.

ลลิล ก่อวุฒิกุลรังษี

Lalin Kovudhikulrungsri


  • ประธานคณะกรรมการตรวจสอบและส่งเสริมความเสมอภาค
  • อาจารย์ประจำศูนย์กฎหมายระหว่างประเทศ


  • น.บ. (เกียรตินิยมอันดับสอง) มหาวิทยาลัยธรรมศาสตร์
  • น.บ.ท.
  • LL.M. (Air and Space Law) McGill University, Canada
  • Ph.D. (Air and Space Law) Leiden University, The Netherlands

Thesis Topics

  • The Right to Travel by Air of Persons with Disabilities (PhD Leiden)

Work Experience

Areas of Interest

  • กฎหมายอากาศและอวกาศ (Air and Space Law)
  • กฎหมายระหว่างประเทศแผนกคดีเมือง (Public International Law)
  • กฎหมายสิทธิคนพิการ (Law of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities)

Courses Taught

  • กฎหมายอากาศและอวกาศ (Air and Space Law)
  • กฎหมายระหว่างประเทศแผนกคดีเมือง (Public International Law)
  • กฎหมายสิทธิมนุษยชน (Human Rights Law)



▪     The Accessibility Standards with respect to Air Travel in the European Union, Journal of Handicap and Recht (2018) 20-24 (in English).

▪     Aviation Legal Issues in Indonesia and Thailand: Towards Better Passengers’ Rights in ASEAN, Indonesia Law Review (2017) 23-48 (co-author, in English).

▪     What legal measures should ASEAN apply to help the Rohingya?, South East Asia Journal of Business, Economics and Law (2015) (co-author, in English).

▪     Exclusivity Clause in the International Law on Carriage by Air, Transportation and Maritime Law Journal (2012) 85 – 104 (in Thai).

▪     Liability regime of international space law: some lessons from international nuclear law, Journal of East Asia and International Law, (Autumn 2011) 291-318 (in English).

▪     Environmental effect from space activity: a case of COSMOS 954, Administrative Court Journal, 2 (May – August 2010) 19-33 (in Thai).

▪     The legal loopholes in space law: The case of Shin Corporation of Thailand – Temasek Holding of Singapore business deal, Indian Journal of International Economic Law 2 (2010) 84-112 (co-author, in English).

▪     Aircraft noise charges mechanisms: another scheme to mitigate noise, Chulalongkorn Law Journal 1 (January 2010) 125-136 (in English)

▪     Canadian Transportation Agency ruling on passengers with peanut allergy, Transportation and Maritime Law Journal (2010) 62 – 70 (in Thai).

▪     Anti-sms spam law: balancing private information and electronic marketing, NTC Annual Review Book 1 (2010) 149-173  (in Thai).

▪     The legality of Anti-Satellite test, Thammasat Law Journal (September 2009) 367-393 (in Thai with English abstract).

▪     Laws on air carriage of people with disability: can everyone fly?, Transportation and Maritime Law Journal (2009) 10 – 34 (in Thai).

▪     Tampere Convention on the Provision of Telecommunication Resources for Disaster Mitigation and Relief Operations, NTC Annual Review Book 1 (2009) 307 – 322  (in Thai).

▪     Legal aspects on the use of earth observation satellites for disaster management, Thammasat Law Journal (June 2007) 405-439 (in English).



▪     Drone and Thai Civil Aviation Law, Matichon 12 September 2015 (in Thai)

▪     The new Thai Public Private Partnership Law and its effect on Thai Airlines, Isra News 26 July 2013 (in Thai).

▪     Note on legal unenforceability in case of on-orbit satellite, Prachatai, 23 May 2013 (in Thai).

▪     Overweight and aviation: not a piece of cake, Matichon Newspaper 4 January 2010 p 6 (in Thai).




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