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  • Dr. Anne Coulon-Rana

    Anne is a French qualified solicitor who has worked towards the establishment the Indian desk of the French Law Firm ADAMAS in India. A corporate lawyer, she is also a trade advisor to the French Embassy in India. Anne has extensive work experience in international business law; she has assisted numerous companies setting branches abroad, or entering joint ventures with foreign companies across Asia. Anne is the holder of a Phd in Law awarded by the University of Limerick, Ireland and the Faculty of Law of Nice- Sofia Antipolis, France.

    • Qualified as an “AVOCAT”
    • Ph.D. University of Limerick, Ireland and Law Institute for Peace and Development studies, Faculty of Law, Nice Sophia-Antipolis, France.
    • LL.M. in International Public and Private Law, Law Institute for Peace and Development studies, Faculty of Law, Nice Sophia-Antipolis, France
    • LL.B. in European law and public law, University of Limerick, Ireland and Faculty of Law, University of Franche-Comté, France
    • International agreements
    • International investments
    • International corporate transactions
    • International tax and customs law
    • International dispute resolution
    • “Approaching successfully the Indian Pharmaceutical Market: Understanding the Scenario and IPR Protection in India”, Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) Newsletter, forthcoming
    • «Strenghtening Trade And Investment Ties Between India And The EU: The Case Of The Energy Sector», Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industries (FICCI)’s monthly bulletin, forthcoming
      Book Chapter «EU-India Development Cooperation» in «EU-India: a Critique», by Shazia Aziz Wulbers (Ed.), 2008.
    • Book Chapter «EU-India Understanding on Major Global Issues: Where Do We Stand?» in «Rising India- Europe’s Partner?» by Klaus Voll, Doreen Beierlein (Eds.) Berliner StudienzurInternationalenPolitik und Gesellschaft (Hrsg. von Klaus Voll und Uwe Skoda), Bd. 3, 2006.
    • «Improving quality of life of rural women: Insights from women managed biogas programme under the European Commission cofinanced Sustainable Community-based Approaches to Livelihoods Enhancement (SCALE) Project», published in the Nov-Dec 2005 European Institute for Asian Studies Bulletin.
    • Co-animated on 17/01/2014 in New Delhi, India, a roundtable organized by the EBTC & IFCCI on «Comparative analysis of IPR laws in Europe and India »; presentation on «Protection of Industrial Property in France Patents, Utility Models, Trademarks, Designs».
    • Participation on 7/02/2014 to a workshop by Ernst & Young LLP India, on the theme « Taxation of Expatriates », presentation on Social Security Issues.
    • Rapporteur for the Food & Agriculture Organization (United Nations) at the Regional training course on Food safety risk analysis in Tokyo (June 2013)