• Dr. Archie A. Alexander

    Dr. Archie A. Alexander is a U.S. health law attorney, qualified mediator, and physician with experience in legal matters related to health information privacy, health professional regulation and dispute resolution, and cross-border trading in health services. He is a Lecturer in the International LL.B. Program in Business Law (International Program) at the Faculty of Law, where he lectures on topics in legal writing and research, basic computer use in law practice, and U.S. mediation and law. He is a member of the Health Law Committee within the Health Laws and Ethics Center, and the Interview and International Advisory Committees for the International Program. He is also an Adjunct Instructor with the James K. Elrod Department of Administration at LSU-Shreveport, where he teaches graduate courses in Health Law and Ethics, Health Care Systems, Health Care Human Resources Management, and Health Information Management. During 2011 and 2012, he was an International Health Law Consultant with the Faculty of Public Health at Thammasat University in Thailand, where he assisted members of the Faculties of Public Health and Law with developing and directing (Workshop Director 2012) a workshop on Global Health Law supported by the WHO, Rockefeller Foundation, IDLO (Rome), and University of Sydney Law School. In 2006, he was a Legislative Fellow (U.H. Health Law & Policy Center) with the House Committee on Public Health during 80th Texas Legislature, where he performed legislative research, legal analysis, and legislative drafting services for the Chair and committee members.

    In 2015, he was nominated Professor of the Year at LSU-Shreveport, and he is recipient of the 2006 Robert S. Toth LLM Writing Award for best manuscript, 2007 House Resolution 2952 (Rep. Colman) for his service his service to the Texas Legislature, and multiple recognition awards for his peer review work. Dr. Alexander is a peer reviewer and editorial board member for multiple professional journals in medicine, health law and policy, and public health. In 2015, he was appointed Editorial Consultant to the journal—Radiology. He is an invited speaker in law and medicine at major universities and scientific meetings worldwide. He publishes on a variety of topics in legal and medical journals. He has also served as a member or co-chair of task forces and committees for professional organizations covering issues ranging from laws and policies on health care reimbursement to U.S. health information privacy laws and international trade and health information privacy law.

    • B.A. University of Texas
    • M.D. University of Texas Medical Branch
    • J.D. South Texas College of Law
    • LL.M. Health Law, University of Houston Law Center, Health Law & Policy Institute


    • E-health laws
    • Privacy
    • International public health laws
    • Emerging technologies (nanomedicines and theranostics)
    • Bioethical issues
    • Cross-border exchanges of health services and data flows

    Recent publications

    • Alexander, AA, ‘Cross-Border Health Care Services Trading: “Glocal” Trading Challenge’ in Rapee Editor, Rapee Thammasat University 2015 (Matichon PLC 2015) 154 – 191, ISBN: 978-9-74-466819-6. https://www.facebook.com/rapeebooktu.
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    • aaalexmd@aol.com
    • archie.alexander@lsus.edu