The 2nd Asian Legal History Conference

The Asian Legal History Second Annual Conference is set to be held on 23-24 July 2022. It follows the Asian Legal History Conference hosted by the Transnational Legal History Group of the CUHK LAW’s Centre for Comparative and Transnational Law and the University of Law – Hue University held in the previous year which aimed to provide an opportunity for scholars, researchers and students to share their findings on the topic of legal history in Asia.

Call for Abstracts

Researchers, scholars and students are welcomed to submit abstracts under the theme “legal history in Asia.” Selected authors will be given the opportunity to present their findings at the 2nd Asian Legal History Conference taking place between 23-24 July.

Abstract length: 100-250 words.

A full paper is not required.


15 November 2021 | Call for Abstracts: Open for submissions

14 January 2022 | Submission deadline

28 January 2022 | Submission results

April 2022 | Confirmation of Conference format: Online

7 July 2022 | Finalisation of Conference

23-24 July 2022


Young Legal History Scholars Workshop

The Young Legal History Scholars Workshop is open for those who are in their early legal history journey. With the guidance of experts in the field, the Workshop aims to help young legal history scholars to hone their skills and expand their potential.

22 July 2022


The Asian Legal History Association​


The Asian Legal History Association (ALHA) was created in July 2021 following the first Asian Legal History Conference jointly held by Hue University of Law and CUHK Faculty of Law. The Association aims to promote the teaching and learning of legal history in Asia. 


Steering Committee

1. Ngoc Son Bui, University of Oxford

2. Cynthia Farid, Hong Kong University

3. Andrew Harding, National University of Singapore

4. Ron Harris, Tel Aviv University School of Law

5. Rebecca Khan, De La Salle University

6. Jungwon Kim, Columbia University

7. Fupeng Li, China University of Politics and Law

8. Yen-Chi Liu, Fu Jen Catholic University

9. Kentaro Matsubara, The University of Tokyo

10. Michael Ng, Hong Kong University

11. Munin Pongsapan, Thammasat University

12. Christopher Roberts, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

13. Radhika Singha, JNU

14. Amanda Whiting, University of Melbourne

15. Nurfadzillah Yahaya, National University of Singapore


Membership is open to any academics working on Asian legal history, or on legal history in general in an academic institution in Asia. Membership is also open to anyone who presents at one of the Asian Legal History Conferences. If anyone is interested in membership, they may send an email to Ngoc Son Bui ( or to Christopher Roberts ( indicating their interest in joining the Association, their full name, their affiliation, and their email address.